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12-09-2004, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Jets4Life
I remember reading once that the New Jersey Devils had accused Pittsburgh of throwing their last few games of the 1983-84 season to acquire the 1984 first round draft choice- Mario Lemieux. Both team were in a dead heat to finish last, with pittsburgh finishing with 38 points, and the Devils with 41. Do you think this is possible?
Honestly, no.

In today's ultra-cynical society, such a thought is likely much more believable to more people. However, that is the same mentality that assumes that all of life is a conspiracy, everything is preordained and that professional sports are fixed.

Until proven otherwise, there is no proof whatseover that the NHL has ever fixed games. Thankfully. Of course, that does not stop some negative naybobs from suggesting otherwise. (Note: That comment is not directed at you, it's understood that you are merely recalling the history of the event.) Good luck getting a team of professionals to tank competition. That is the kind of thinking that reeks of one who has never competed in sports and/or suffers from a severe case of paranoia.

When NJD made that declaration, it was received for the most part as sour grapes and hyperbole, which it was. (Might note that Lou L. was not with the franchise at that point in time; he would NEVER stoop so low as to make that accusation, IMO, for it tarnishes the league.)

Trust me, anyone who followed hockey, circa the mid-80s knows: The Pens did not have to conspire to lose games. They were highly adept at it, as is.

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