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09-21-2003, 01:26 PM
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When Glen Sather was with the Oilers, he did a great job with the money that he was given. It forced him to think about the best he could do with that money.
Now, with that money it appears that money restrictions are not an issue so when he looks at UFAs they become so tempting that things like chemistry etc..., don't come to mind.
This of course is only a theory on my part, but how else can one explain it?
I am not saying that this would be the case with Brian Burke, because he has seen personally that an unlimited budget does not necessarily mean good results. But human nature tells us that most people will take the easy way out, if given the chance.
I do however, like the fact that years ago when the budget of the Canucks was high and it didn't produce in the win column, that they were able to reduce the budget and get better results.

All that to say that is great to have an unlimited budget, but one must be very careful what they do with that budget, lest they become like the Rangers.

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