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12-09-2004, 05:29 PM
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if they have a counter proposal that builds on this proposal, then good deal...if it's just a cookie cutter "cap proposal" then we got nowhere

if the league somehow doesn't ask for a cap (i'm still not holding my breath) i imagine they'll ask for a lower point where the tax kicks in and maybe up the tax to 100% instead of 75% or whatever...maybe tweaking to the entry level contracts, etc. that's if they actually decide to negotiate fairly

i'd hope that basically the NHLPA calculated this proposal out and can show the owners exactly how it saves them money and how much it saves them, so they can say "it's not a cap but you can look and see how much money it will save you and you can see the mechanisms in place to make sure things stay in control". and i'm sure it's calculated to show how the league will generate a profit under that system.

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