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11-12-2009, 06:28 PM
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If dumpie Kings fan = dude with black crown jersey, purple (well it use to be) hat, holding a two year old in a white chevy logo kings jersey, and sitting next to a wife in a purple crown third jersey then that was me (5 rows behind the Kings bench). The Canes fans around me were once again really cool (I go to 6 or so games a year, so I expected nothing less) and lt me and the boy move up to the third row while some spent part of the game up top eating and drinking. This was my boys first Kings game (4th Canes game) and the closest he has ever sat. He was so distracted by the games he never ate his soft pretz.... for him, that is an amazing detail. Anyway, he spent the majority of the game pointing at Quick, Ersberg, and Legs while yelling goalie or pointing and the puck and saying dadda, puck!. Needless to say, it was a blast just watching him.

The game was good too. Carolina is reduced to a very physical team. Even players not normally physical are having to step it up because the just lack viable skill right now. That isn't surprising, the needed to scrap the plan this summer and instead tried more band aids. The team is too old, too slow, and too injured to thrive and that was obvious in the offseason. Fortunately for them, they have some solid kids waiting to make the jump so a few smart moves this offseason might give them more of a Philly style rebuild instead of having to start from scratch.

As far as the Kings and this game... well, they could have had 2-3 more goals if they would have crashed the net more/better. Legs was giving up rebounds all night and at times struggled on his recovery slides when he lost track of the puck (maybe too much paddle down or hunching over... hard to tell without watching film or rewatching the game which apparently I forgot to set to record on the DVR... stupid me). Unfortunately for the Kings, they weren't able to take much advantage of this... but with 5 scored, they didn't need too.

Overall Jones seemed to play pretty well and while I don't see more than an adequate 3rd pairing dman in him because he seemed to get lost at times, he his great depth to have. He reminded me a bit of a kid with ADD. When they play hockey there are times when you just can't figure out what they are watching as the puck/player moves by them and then suddenly they snap to attention and get back in the play (I run into this coaching Pee Wees).

It is a shame the weather was so bad, Cane fans tailgate like it is college football. Oh well, I still got to enjoy a BBQ before the game got started. Nothing like eating the mascot, especially while wearing the oppositions jersey.

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