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09-21-2003, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by comrie
Leafs: Not terrible, but not good. The team keeps getting older, with no real great young replacements for the older guys; bad trade for Nolan. Maybe the new guy will do a good job here.

Sharks: Any team that goes from supposedly a Cup contender to the bottom part of the league is mis-managing its assets, or underachieving in some sort of way.
I hate the Leafs, but they don't deserve to be on this list. They have been one of the most succesful teams of the last decade, year after year of excellent regular season performances, tons of playoff games. They've made it to the final 4 four times, the second round twice. You'd be hard pressed to find similar results amongst the other non-Cup winners.

Yeah, they're old, but's thats what happens when you're on the cusp of winning for years. You're trying to hold the group together, without dismantling it.

Seems kinda harsh to bring up the Sharks because of one bad year. Before that, they were a model franchise, constantly improving each year.

To make this list, I think you need to concentrate on teams who've had years of uninterrupted ineptitude. Rangers and Blackhawks seem the obvious choices.

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