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11-13-2009, 08:34 AM
with the 10th pick..
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it begins and ends with his wheels. he just hasnt got any. dude is the slowest skater when hes retreiving pucks and when hes skating up ice, its like hes skating in sand.

when you cannot skate and keep up, you cannot play against nhl talent.

look at what kane did to him on the 1st goal. he beat him with speed wide and rozy didnt play the body- never his strong suit anyway- and thus it turned into a 2 on 1.

forget rozys cement hands and his refusal to take open shots, his frequent telegraphing of shots and subsequent rejection of same- when he does manage to get one off which is rare- and lastly, his awful passes into his intended targets skates which results in a turnover, the guy has zero confidence left and he is painful to watch.

i always laugh when i watch replays of goals against from last year or even this year, it seems it always includes rozy chasing the guy with the puck and just as he catches him, the puck is in the net.

the more he plays, the more he hurts this team. time for a change.

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