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11-13-2009, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by AcidQueen View Post
I find it impossible to take seriously a thread by somebody who can't even properly tense a verb.
Well considering this is a thread about the worst regulars to ever play for the Hurricanes, I don't think you being serious or not is a concern.

Originally Posted by GloveSave View Post
No way Sammy deserves to be on this list! Wallin is the only current player IMO....and Conboy.
Personally, I don't think Sammy deserves to be on this team either, but he's consistently been one of the most criticized players on this team, just food for thought.

Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Are you talking about regulars or just players that got a shot here if even for a game or two?

Either way Enrico Ciccone HAS to be on this team.

for horrible short stint wonders:
Joey Tetarenko
Nikos Tselios
Mike Watt
Josh Holden
Harold Druken
Niklas Nordgren

hell, Nikos is an epic enough bust to bump either Tverdovsky, Tanabe or Rourke from the list.
I think we should only try to incorporate regulars, or players who were intended to be regulars who just didn't work out that way (i.e. Melichar).

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