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11-13-2009, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Redden earns most of his salary. There are a LOT of players in the league who don't earn their full keep even today.
I wouldn't go that far. Listen, I like Redden and in normal circumstances would like him on my team but not at his price tag. He's worth 3millish IMO. that's not even half. I agree, On most nights he's been our top D-man. But let's face it, looking in the short-term he's a pretty negative influence. That Salary space of overpayment is the diffrence from still having Zherdev or Antropov on the team and it's the diffrence from retaing Jagr(Debatable).
Long term I don't even want to think about...A few years down the road he is going to be scary bad and easily the worst contract in the league. Age catches up to you. And when you are hit hard on a night to night basis (In Ottawa) it tends to catch up alot faster than you would hope.

So, yes, I wish him off the team and I'm sure you do to.

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