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12-10-2004, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by JJ68NYR
And second nothing being updated on any rangers websites is because he probably will come back or at least they feel though he has permanent damage he will come back and they don't wanna hurt a 21 YEAR OLD's trade value. We have THREE great young prospect goaltenders and we need to trade one while keeping the other two as the 1-2 punch. Blackburn is the leading candidate and can still bring back a big return IF they dont say anything because why would you say something and possibly hurt his trade value and then he comes back and can play and can be a star WITH the nerve damage. Then you cant get the return you might have gotten.
Are you serious???

Once again, why can't people realize that any GM trading for a player who has been out of action for TWO YEARS without showing any sign of improvement in a nerve problem in his catching glove shoulder is going to check and then double and triple check this guy out as a result.

Any player traded has to pass a physical.Do you think maybe, just maybe they'd discover any damage that hasn't been disclosed??

You people trying to keep Blackie's trade value high thinking that if the NYR brass just keep their mouth shut that they may be able to pawn off damaged goods for an unfair return are just out of your minds.Not going to happen.

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