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12-10-2004, 12:22 PM
True Blue
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Am getting the feeling that media (aside from TSN) is behing NHLPA's proposal

By reading that, it makes me think that the media thinks that the onus to save the season (and the NHL) has shifted from the players to being squarely on Bettman after this last proposal. Off course the article still thinks that the season is lost becuase Bettman is going to come back with his hardcap mantra.
I happen to agree. And not because I am on the NHLPA's side. The givebacks that the NHLPA gave is unprecedented. The 24% rollback is unheard of. To be able to immediately slash 24% of payroll is unheard of. Salary arbitration is squarely on the owners side. Or would be if they accept.
IMO, the players definetly gave. Will Bettman? If he cannot use this offer as a platform to save a season, then he is truly going to be the death knell of the NHL.

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