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Originally Posted by CrazyEddie20 View Post
Half the teams in the Central Hockey League fell below the 4,000 average attendance Mendoza line last season. Of those, only Rocky Mountain closed up shop, but one has to wonder how much time the others have left...

Personally, I think this league is in DEEP trouble. Bossier-Shreveport nearly folded this past offseason. Travel costs are through the roof and salaries are escalating with the PHPA coming in. They lost Oklahoma City. Five remaining teams had attendance below 3,000 last season, and rumors have swirled about the continued success of Laredo. Arizona just hired a new GM who has a horrible track record.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in this league in the offseason.
Rocky Mountain was never a viable product from it's inception. They located far to close to the already well established and successful Colorado Eagles franchise. That was a very bad move on the part if the team and the league to allow such a poor choice of location. They struggled every season and finally the poor economy gave them an excuse to fold.

The Oklahoma City Blazers also shut down, they were hoping/planning to get an AHL team but thus far, no dice. The Blazers were a very successful team, lack of success had nothing to do with the shutdown there.

New Mexico Sorpions also went dark this season. Thos was an example of another poor choice for a location. The Scorps were quite successful in the old rundown Tingely arena in downtown Albuquerque. Yet a new ownership group chose to move the team 35 miles out in the desert to a newly created suburb.

The hardcores who went to every game and loved the old time hockey arena were priced out of the fancy new arena in the fancy new suburb of Rio Rancho and the team never regained a functioning fanbase.

Unlike NHL franchises the CHL does not need 20,000 butts in the seats each night to make payroll and pay expenses. 3,000 - 2,500 is a good crowd to see CHL hockey.

As the previous poster mentioned the CHL's adoption of the PHPA has NOT increased the payrolls of any teams. The league wide salary cap is in place and has been for several years. The PHPA is not going to be an excuse for teams folding.

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