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11-14-2009, 01:34 AM
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I am starting to become wary of Jack Johnson. (I didnt watch the game so correct me if this is out of line). He's fine for being a #5 or #4, but when will he actually become an impact player? Maybe not in terms of value, but we have invested so much into Jack Johnson, and now he's pretty much shown nothing more than being an average defenseman. He isn't even the Kings 2nd most physical defenseman anymore!

It's time for Jack to make an impact. And I know some will call me a hater, and cite his time on ice, but really, Jack has always been the 2nd offensive guy after Doughty/Lubo. Where is it? Where is the offense?

And the fact is that Terry Murray is not at fault for this loss one bit. It's not his fault that we couldn't convert when we were carrying the play. Nor is it his fault that we gave up multiple breakaways. Nor indeed is it his fault that Quick and Ersberg combined have had difficulty making big saves.

Also, the "novelty" (for lack of a better term) is wearing off of Simmonds. He has played enough games in the NHL where he has to start playing on an equal footing with his linemates. On the same note, a 2-way veteran such as Handzus should never, ever, give up that turnover. WTF.

Oh the powerplay sucks (as usual it seems).

But we are still 11-9 people. That is definitely very good in my books. Now, I will grow concerned if we start to slide below .500. But I doubt that's happening!

But if you really are about to jump off the ledge after this loss, I only have this to say: do it. We don't need you.

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