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11-14-2009, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here but how come the last 3 threads that I've seen made with his name have all been locked within a relatively short time period by the mods.

tbh I was expecting consistency. However you should at least agree that this doesn't deserve its own thread and can go with the rest of the ridiculous trade proposals thread.
Fair question, the short answer is they shouldn't have been locked. Unless the mod that did it felt that the thread was out of control.

I proposed in the past to have an all "Eklund" thread, which would contain nothing but his rumours. This idea was shot down by a large group of posters who felt the thread would become too messy from all the merging.

So because of this, Eklund's rumours are treated the same way as any other credible source. They are allowed to have their own thread, which makes it easier for posters who dislike Eklund to ignore.

Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
It is just so hard lol. How the hell does one become a credible source anyways?
It is hard, I agree some of his rumours are...hmmm...out there. But to be fair, Eklund says he is only reporting what he's heard. My advice is to read it and think of it as entertainment, or don't read it at all.

The rule we usually go by is that a credible source would be any large reputable news source. TSN/RDS are two of the obvious ones. As well as reputable newspapers and bloggers who have been approved by the Admins.

Originally Posted by Sports1131 View Post
Does it bother anyone else that we're allowed to have 234,326 Eklund threads but almost every other topic gets merged into the Out of Town thread?
It shouldn't as the only threads that should be merged into the Out of Town thread are ones that are Non-Habs related. While Eklund threads posted here contain rumours involving Habs players.

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