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09-21-2003, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Shazbot
Holmqvist is one of Tampa's top prospects. He is probably first pairing material and he's a righty shot. I can't see Jarvis not playing such a talent just because he's Tampa's property. The name of the game is winning. I'm sure Tampa didn't agree to send their prospects over so they would be mishandled and not get the chance to develop under optimal and hopefully winning conditions.

edit: Sorry, I didn't see the "both" in your message at first. I don't know anything about Van Hoof. Could be he's not so hot, so okay, er, uh, nevermind maybe.

Sure Jarvis will do whatever it takes to win no doubt. Holmqvist will be a good addition to the defense which is the weak spot on Hamilton.

Do you know if Tampa will send 2 more players?

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