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11-15-2009, 09:01 AM
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well if you go by amount of NHL players the US national team would be on Russias and Swedens level or above.

my personal believe is that every country that wants to participate should be allowed to compete. They don't have to be able to compete but they should be allowed to prove it as part of the olympic tournament. - that doesn't exclude qualification.

It would get really unfair though if you started excluding countries based on their projected (not actual) strenght. For you projected strenght equals actual strength. You seem to forget that the actual strenght is determined on the ice.

If you exluded Switzerland you'd have to do the same for Belarus, Germany, Norway, Latvia and Slovakia. Would you really want to see 6 countries competing for 3 medals?

I'm curious about your ideas how the format should be changed. Bear in mind that there is something that is called the olympic spirit.

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