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11-15-2009, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
I just saw the highlights this morning because my damn internet decided to take a dump last night. (not ****ing impressed)

my take on the game

Miller was simply incredible. There is nothing you can do when a keeper plays like that. Hell we did well to get two goals on him.

Emery was at fault maybe for the second goal. It was just one of those freak things where he slipped. Wouldn't have scored if he didn't slip, but its something you can't control.

Carter actually looked like he wasn't drifing on the highlights, but i'm guessing by the comments that he was. If he actually put his head down and started working he would have quite a few points.

Pronger, Pronger and oh yeah Pronger. Jesus christ, the guy is a god damn machine. The hit he lays out on a sabre, the goal and just the solid defense. This guy is going to take us to the finals. No penguin is going to get in the way.

holy ****ing Hot Carle. +- +17, what the hell has this guy been eating?
Yeah, Miller was very good. We had a lazy first, but we played better in the latter half of the game, were creating traffic, and that's how we got 2 goals in my opinion. If the game were 5 minutes longer, we tie, but we paid for a slow start.

The second goal Emery gave up was soft. It just was. He wasn't really paying attention and somehow was still on the right post as Ennis was already dragging the puck out and turning on the other side, and didn't get over. In fact, Emery looked a little off. If that's an example of an "off" game from him though, I'd be fine with that.

Carter was drifting a bit, but 2 points is nice. He had some lazy rushes. I was actually more disappointed in Hartnell's play. He's not doing his job. He rarely went to the net, was having trouble handling the puck at all. On that line, one of his big tasks should be creating space for Giroux, but instead Giroux has to make all the space for himself, and the only recipient of his passes seems to be Richards because Hartnell can't handle anything right now.

Pronger and Carle have looked great together. Good fit.

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