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11-15-2009, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by IdealisticSniper View Post
Oh I know. Its a no win situation for us fans. We either watch and deal with it and hope it evens out in the long run or we protest and stop watching and go without a sport we all love.

It sucks haha.

Although I will say this. I think its way past the time for the league to stop putting a bubble around refs who make blatant bad calls like this one. Calls that change games or effect goals one way or another. Start fining them and taking away future jobs from them. Just like the NFL does on occasion.
That would be nice and I would fully support the fining of refs for calls that directly effected a games outcome (basically just goal calls like these when the play is not reviewable). The bubble is a little too thick, but I understand kind of why it is there. You open that door for teams to complain and things could get ugly quickly, and we may end up with even more new refs and more poor reffing.

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