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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
So you think that we're better of with Cammalleri + 2 fourth liners, say White and Pyatt, than with the three guys I mentioned. Who's saying ********?
Tanguay was looking to get 5M on July 1st.
Koivu would've asked 4M from the Habs.
There's no way Lang asked as low as 1M on July 1st.

Neither are as good as Cammalleri, and 2 out of them are pretty much done.

Don't kid yourself. We could've signed Prospal at 1M with our cap space, still we didn't. And I take Prospal way before Koivu, Tanguay and Lang. He was bound to have a great season. This is how his career has been. 1 good season, 1 bad season.

Still, you're once again living in the past. Tanguay is not what you want as a leader, as much as I liked him, he's not involved enough in the game.

Gainey decided to change his neucleus, and I think he did great. IMO, our "winning window" closed after Markov got hurt last spring. We had two years in which we were considered as Stanley Cup contenders.

2007-2008: Price underperformed and was outplayed by Biron.
2008-2009: We were too unlucky and had too many injuries.

That's how it goes. Now, if we manage things correctly, we're going to have another window in the next two years. However, you have to keep your talented young players like Sergei, Andrei, and keep your draft picks until we have as many young talents as we had back in 2007-2008.

Grabovski and Streit are two players who are good enough to significantly change a team dynamic that were let go without getting anything significant in return for the long-term.

What shocks me so much, is that when Gainey could've traded guys like Higgins and Grabovski on February 2008 in exchange for Hossa, he pretty much backed up. This is where Gainey made his mistake IMO. Hossa would've put us over the top that year.

Once again, a neucleus of Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri, Plekanec, Markov, Price is good enough to have a good playoffs team. The big difference between this year and the team in 2007-2008, is the supporting cast. The 2nd line wingers and the third line are too weak to perform consistantly, and the defense just lost its quarterback.

Now, call Sergei back, and you could get him AND Andrei going. NOW, this would significantly change how the picture looks.

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