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11-16-2009, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
I agree and I have had 4 major concussion in my time as a wrestler and if you have even a low grade one your not playing hockey 4 days later . They are very serious and the fact he even mentioned Drury as possible makes me wonder if he is that clueless. Tort was quoted as saying he is day to day and might play Thurs. That is a outright stupid thing to say imo. Torts knew he was in bad shape and again imo that fact he is on i.r. from the hit makes the team and coach look worse for not responding to it
Except Drury was feeling fine one day and was exercising and everything...which led the coach to think that things weren't too bad and they wouldn't have to put him on the IR. Then the next day things got worse.

There's no point in *****ing at, or "calling out", Tortorella for saying something that within the realm of reason at the time...if Drury was in the condition he is now when Torts was asked that question, I'm sure he would have said "no, we're keeping him out", just like he's saying now. But at the time, Drury looked alright and like he wasn't going to miss a lot of time.

You're really just looking for reasons to complain about the coach, but this is not a valid one.

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