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12-11-2004, 12:11 PM
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you are correct in everything you say. What needs to happen, however, is that the luxury tax needs to be more meaningful and you will have a quick fix to help the league, better arbitration, lower entry level, and the tax to curb spending while re-distributing income, and it will, as well as some revenue sharing (although I don't have a handle on that) - thus, the latter two points for the longer-term. True the current proposal does not address the need to curb spending in the future, and that needs to be addressed, and I'm sure the players knew that going in, but why give everything at once and leave little room for negotiating?

Kodia - the owners can't help themselves, that's a given. One of the reasons why they likely cannot help themselves is that the revenue number we see that leads to the losses is misleading and many of these teams are likely actually making money, or losing a lot less, and thus the reason why they can spend $60 million on payroll. No billionaire/millionaire/giant conglomerate likes to lose money. They spend it because they have it and can afford to do so.

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