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12-11-2004, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by BLONG7
Bang on here!!! The problem is that there will always be a Bob Clarke,Ken Holland, Fergie Jr. etc... the big markets will still spend spend spend...But hopefully if nothing else is learned from all this CBA BS is that these GM's need to use their heads when signing guys to new contracts and create a new market for top end players...
Ok, before you bash Clarke or anything like that, let's talk about John Leclair for a moment. For years on end, while he was scoring 50+ goals a season, he was VASTLY underpaid. Part of the contract Leclair got was a loyalty contract that John definitely deserved. I could care less what other Philadelphia fans may think, but John was underpaid for years and didn't say two words about it. Second, after Lindros quit on the team, the Flyers knew they needed to retain Leclair in order to attract other free agents. If Leclair walked, then free agents would view Philadelphia as a problematic organization. So, yes, Clarke did overpay for Leclair. However, his overpayment for Leclair helped us land Roenick to replace Lindros.

For the most part, the Flyers have been one of the better franchises when it comes to managing money. Simply put, they don't spend money they don't have.

With regards to a salary cap, I have a major problem with that because any additional revenue the Flyers will generate will end up being used to prop up a franchise like Atlanta or Nashville. That's the biggest problem I have with the salary cap. Teams who are great at generating their own revenue have to pay for others who aren't. Where's the fairness in that? Truth of the matter is that there isn't. Bettman and the owners got greedy. Plain and simple. They tried expanding into non-traditional hockey markets but didn't bother trying to improve the on ice product or ensuring that these markets would be viable.

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