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12-11-2004, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
And I can't help but ask again, what evidence do we have that they will act any other way?
There is no evidence, but there is the fact that owners across the league are saying that things are out of hand and need to change. One or two owners cannot throw things out of whack unless the rest allow them to do so. People blame the Sakic offer sheet for throwing things out of whack, but it would not have if Anaheim and Philly did not give Kariya and Lindros huge raises. It would have been an isolated incident, much like Lapointe is an isolated incident. Holik's point production combined with his shut-down capabilities makes him worth 10 Martin Lapointes, but he would have accepted $5 mil to stay if Lou was not an ass. Once he hit the open market, his value had nothing to do with Lapointe and everything to do with the fact that 3 teams thought he was worth $8+ mil. And likewise, Holik will be an isolated incident. Peca and Madden are not going to demand $8 mil when their contracts are up.

The owners can let the Rangers and the Leafs spend themselves into oblivion and tell their players "That's what he got from the Rangers or the Leafs, you aren't on the Rangers or the Leafs, so you'll have to deal with the market price for the other 28 teams." But then again, that's expecting the owners to exercise the simplest forms of business planning, such as a cost-benefit analysis, and that's not what the NHL wants.

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