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11-16-2009, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by funflyers33 View Post
The best thing that can happen to this team is exactly this. Remove the freaking soap opera from the locker room and concentrate on winning hockey games.

The dude clearly is not ready to play in the NHL. Period

If anyone should be questioned, I'd start with our GM, who obviously at the start of the season was given an ultimatum by the Filatov camp to be on the big club, Why did he not stand up then nip this charade in the bud?. Purely blackmail, Nicky plays and rides jets not buses or gets rubles instead of dollars. Not a fan of either, but sometimes even Don Cherry and Brian Burke are right.

Kudos to Hitch for understanding that winning is more important than babysitting.

Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post
Yes, but that has nothing to do with the coach and GM having different philosophies on how to build a hockey team. One wants speed and skill, the other wants grit and no skill.
They don't. That is Tom Reed's take. We don't need Filatov right now--especially a Filatov that isn't ripe.

Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post
Alright, maybe I am going a little bit too far, but I am upset over losing a very good hockey player drafted 6th overall.

I think Hitch is a good coach, a great coach for a team with little skill and has to play perfect defensively to win games, that was us 2 years ago.

Now that we have a very skilled team up front and in goal, is he the greatest choice based on our current roster?? I don't know.

We have the pieces to run a more offense friendly system.
We are the league's highest scoring team on the road and our goals for is pretty darn good too. We have sucked at defending. Filatov wouldn't help that.

Originally Posted by CBJmeser61 View Post
Boll and Blunden are better than Nikita? Please..
Potential upside? No. Have they been better and more competitive and more of a factor in pretty much every game than Nikki? Absolutely.

Originally Posted by WrightOn View Post

The kid is pussing out, anyone care to face that fact?
He wants to play in the NHL...on his terms. He isn't getting everything handed to him so he is bailing on his team for more money in the KHL. Awesome. This is the type of character that a team wins with

Good riddance.

Originally Posted by CBJmeser61 View Post
He is 19, how mature were you are 19? Spoiled is a funny comment though. The kid is lucky to even dress for the game and he is spoiled.
He IS lucky to be dressed for the game but he clearly doesn't appreciate the minutes he is getting so he is bailing. Cool guy.

Originally Posted by funflyers33 View Post
There is not more than a couple of teams in the NHL that Nikita Filatov would be in the top six at this point. Nor would he be getting more than 4th line minutes on most. So yes on most teams he would be playing with the Boll's of the world.

Want to move up?, take a lesson from the Derek Dorsetts of the world and earn it, don't blackmail the team with threats of leaving and expect it.

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