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09-21-2003, 04:16 PM
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My point of view from watching tonights game...

I was able to attend tonights game, and I figure I would share my thoughts about what I saw. Keep in mind, these are my opinions, they aren't the way things should be or are, but the way I saw them.

Foy-This kid is ready now in my opinion. Imagine the Muckalt before he got hurt with better positioning and hands. Foy can fly, and gives our PP the middle man we have been lacking. Id rank him above Bradner and Wanvig right now.

Bradner- He looked good. Not as good as Foy but good hands, has a nice shot and looked pretty good for backchecking considering he hasn't played on NA ice yet. He did suckhole a little bit but I think that was where Lemaire wanted him on his line for the breakout. I think once he gets used to the smaller ice and the physicality, then he will be good.

Wanvig-Might have lost weight, but he still can't stay on his skates. He is good once we are in their zone when cycling but he doesn't seem to possess good east west skating skills. Looked good, but Id rate Bradner and Foy over him easily.

Wallin-Hes ready for the show. He hasn't learned the best ways to play in his own end but is responsible, can skate, shoot and he can really pass. He seems stronger too.

Chouinard-He impressed me because hes a defensive guy. I wasn't looking for his offensive skills. Hes like Dowd except bigger. I think he could take over for Dowd or Darby.

Michalek-I like his skating and passing alot. He isn't used to the physicality but hes gonna be a good D. I say let him play first unit down in Houston.

Veilleux-Did not impress me at all. Wanvig, Wallin and Veilleux cycled really well but there wasn't a finisher really. He can skate, shoot and backcheck but he seemed like he was trying to do too much, hence he looked lost sometimes. I hope I was watching him at the bad times because I thought he could be a Laaksonen with more creativity.

Daigle- Good on the powerplay and could've given a chance in year one or two but he reminds me of Krivokrasov or someone who is noticeable one shift, and then you wonder where he went. Hes good with room, like on the powerplay or on a 2-1 but hes scared to get hit and can't get the puck out of our zone. He just gives the guys stick a tap and waits until the D can get it to start a breakout. Id rather see a young guy get the opportunity.

Notes for some Returners

Brown-Didn't look like he knew how to skate. I know we need toughness but he just seemed like a liability out there.

Kuba- Played like he did in playoffs. Was really steady, didn't waste time on the PP and made good decisions.

Bouchard- His stride is noticeable, as is his shot. They are both stronger. He seems more confident and that will help.

Schultz-Does seem bigger, although I am not sure about him being 207 this year as he is now listed. Played well; had a nice hipcheck. Him and Willie really are pretty solid together.

The rest seemed the same to me.

On a side note, with the performance of Foy and Bradner, I am really wondering what Burns can do. If he produced as well as those two(assume he gets signed and sees a preseason game), it would be hard to make a decision. Foy could go down and get more time but he seems ready. Bradner could always go down too but I'd like to see him stay up.

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