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11-17-2009, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Knight of the Realm View Post
Did anyone else see Quick's stick being flung into the corner right before the third goal?
That's twice now I've seen that mentioned, only to not get discussed. Just prior to the Oreskovich goal, Quick's stick was lying on the ice in front of the crease. As the puck bounced over the net, Quick had a small opportunity to recover it and appeared to be about to. At that exact moment, Oreskovich (I believe) shot Quick's stick into the corner with his own stick. Quick saw it and tried to bring it to the ref's attention. Just after that, Oreskovich gloved the puck and then put it into the net with his stick. Jim Fox didn't even mention it as the replays of the goal all started after the stick incident.

Missed call, or what? I thought you couldn't shoot an opposing players stick away to prevent him from recovering it?

If so, there's the karmic payback from the Tampa game right there. It's all even now and fortunately the Kings still came out on top.

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