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09-21-2003, 04:24 PM
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First, thats assuming Ferguson makes the trade he needs to - bringing in a #1 guy (and they need one, they aren't getting anywhere near the cup with Kaberle as the #1 guy), who you then pair with McCabe. Then you pair up the two guys who (at least in europe) played well together and have some chemisty. Plus Kaberle is the only defenseman who can communicate with Kondratiev, so if hes on the team this year you either put them together or hope Kondratiev can keep up with whats going on without talking to anyone (ie - he catch's on fast as when to go on and come off, when plays have been changed etc....)

And yes Kaberle can speak Russian (at least enough to get by, the artical didn't say the extent of his Russian) according to the Star, which said Kondratiev and Kaberle spend most of their down time together, the artical said they watched Russian DVD's on the player Kondratiev brought with him, and asked kaberle alot about what Canada was like and Kaberle tried to speak English with him as much as he could so he starts learning it. Kaberle was also translating plays, what to do, when to change etc.... to Kondratiev on the ice. From what I understand Kondratiev speaks almost no English. The paper was trying to do a small interview with him and said "it more of an uncomfortable silence, until Mogilny saw what was going on and came over to translate" (paraphrasing)

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