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09-21-2003, 04:39 PM
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For what it's worth, here are my comments.

I thought Daigle looked good. Worth-a-shot-on-the-team good. The Aeros' top line played well, all three of 'em. Wallin seemed to be the better finesse player, but Veilleux had some solid checking and Wanvig did a good job of going after the puck and creating turnovers. Nice speed from them, as well. Brandner looked like a natural on his breakaway, as if we shouldn't expect less from him. "Oh? The puck to me? Well then, I will score." Daigle made his second goal happen, but it was still a very nice play. I thought Brandner started a little shakey, but seemed to really find a groove as the game went on. I thought the vets looked good. Zholtok, obviously, played well. Park had just a tremendously beautiful move behind the net that lead to a goal... bounced the puck off the back of the net and left whoever that Rangers d-man was standing there with his jock in his hands. I was giggling. Antti was solid, Darby looked like Darby. Personally, I thought Brown looked pretty good. He seemed faster than last year by a fair bit, and more involved with the play. Kuba played very well, I'd say. I've always been a fan of his, but I thought he played a better game. Willie looked strong, Zyuzin looked pretty decent, too. Fiestier than normal. Michalek had a good game, but I didn't really notice him more than on Friday night (but I thought he played pretty well then, too). Foy was wonderful. Moving more than he did on Friday.. getting open, making a strong play on the puck.. just a great game for him.

'Course, I don't think the Rangers really showed up tonight for more than a minute at a time, so it's easier to look good. But still, nice effort by the guys.

If I'm Pascal Dupuis I'm on the phone right now telling Walsh to get a friggin' deal done before I lose my spot. He's going to have to settle, or he won't be playing.

I can't wait to see who skates Tuesday and how they look.

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