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12-11-2004, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by luke34e
I couldnt tell you, I never buy anything right when they come out do to the price. I'm only 14 and if i wAnt an expensive stick I have to buy it myself so I need to save up over a period of time.
I just turned 16. I was kinda wanting them for Christmas so I think my mom was gonna maybe get them for me, especially since I've been playing a lot better lately. Vapor XXX's I doubt will go down in price. They overcharge here in FLA. Vapor XX's are still 469 at many rinks and shops when they're 399 everywhere else I think, maybe less. They seem to be an improvement by realizing that they put new holders that don't break as easily on them. 3 kids on my team had the Tuuk Lightspeed holders, one had Vapor XX's, one Nike V12's and the other, Bauer 8000's and they all snapped it multiple times. I'm light though so it wouldn't effect me as much. The blades were designed poorly though if they break that easily. It was so bad that our coach MADE those kids bring backup skates to practices and games. I mean for all the difference a few grams makes, I'd rather have it more durable than breaking.

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