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I took the SMWW course about 5-8 months ago which i added with a Sports Management Masters 3 year program. I plan on upgrading it also.

Here is my story on what I did. So even before I started my the program or course I reseached everything possible and got to learn about leagues and players and how everything in hockey works. This way I was not limited to just North American hockey leagues or programs. I went to rinks in my local area, as well as semi-pro and major junior games. I have even made the trip the Entry Draft for 2009, to do the conference. Unlike my other classmates who only went the conference. I worked my way around that weekend meeting tons of socuts and hockey operations people from different leagues.

Once I got hope I contracted all the people i had met on that weekend. I went to a few interviews and magical got to spend the day with Dave Brown of the Ice Dogs on CHL Import Draft day. I also sent a 2 weeks with the Grayhounds over the summer. Later in the summer I had a trip planned with my girlfriend and few friends and their girlfriends to go to Sweden. So We went to a game one evening and I noticed Hakan Andersson sitting in the stands. so I went over at the end of the game and talked to him about the game and his work with the Red Wings. Over the next week I had left in Sweden, I meet up with him and went to another game with him, this time Tommie Bergman of the Leafs was at the game. I got talking with both of them and they showed some things they look for and gave me some tips.

Once I got back home I got a call 3 weeks later it was Mr.Nonnis of the Maple Leafs who wanted me to come in and meet with them. After I got off the phone I figured I go and meet them and it would help get me connected to the hockey world and would allow me to join a junior team. To my surpirse over the next 3-4 weeks I meet with the Leafs 4 times after which I got the grand player tour of the Leafs Empire and they hired me as a Intern to hockey operations. right now I don't do much but just learn the ins and outs of the game and how things work and over the next 5 years i'll be shown different areas and we'll take from there. I paid alot to here so I won't be wasting my time here. I also got to meet Cliffy before all this went down during a Leafs I went to and saw Cliffy leaving the ACC after the game and he gave me his card so the week after I emailed him so possible over looked players. I'm also a hugh fan of Farjestads in Sweden and I told him that Sweden has some good over looked talents and dropped some names, Gustavsson being one of them but I would take credit on finding Gustavsson. just Watching you know he was going be picked up by a NHL club at some point.

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