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12-12-2004, 02:40 AM
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The Deal NHLPA offered!

I think NHLPA salary cap is way too soft. I believe my luxury taxes work little better then NHLPA. How about: Teams would pay $1.00 tax on payroll above $40 million and $2.00 taxes for each $1 the team spend over $45 Millions and no team can sign free agents if their salary over $45 Millions. I believe teams should share some sort of revenue sharing. We also have to make sure we do not have same kind of revenue sharing as baseball. That way team wont be paying fair salary to players and at the time getting money from other team. To get revenues a team must have at least $32 Millions salary for whole season. If a team go dollar below $32 Millions in any time of a season will disqualify for any sort of revenue sharing. Any thoughts will be welcome on this topic.

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