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11-18-2009, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Sarge18 View Post
Hey everyone,
First, regarding tickets: I noticed there are some all you can eat sections in the arena. Does anyone know what specific sections they are? Are there any of those sections in the end where the Coyotes attack once?
The tickets are upper level only but otherwise no restrictions so yes you can get tickets on the attack one side.

Originally Posted by Sarge18 View Post
Next, the area: There will be three of us coming down there. My girlfriend will be staying in Surprise with her friend who moved down there. I'll be staying in a hotel with another friend. Can anyone recommend a nice central area to stay in that wouldn't be too far from Surprise or the arena but not in the middle of nowhere? How far is the airport from everything? How is the weather there in January?
Surprise actually isn't that far from the arena, around 10 miles according to google maps. So if you wanted you could stay at Westgate (where the arena is located) without any real inconvenience. It's close to Surprise, you'll be right there for the hockey game and Westgate has a ton of entertainment options.

If you want to be closer to Surprise you could stay at any of the hotels near the spring training complex on Bell Rd. and 101. The area offers similar entertainment options as Westgate though not as much of a wow factor IMHO. Still a good spot though.

Here is a map: Surprise, spring training area and Westgate
Note that I added the middle destination point to show you where the spring training area is located, that is why it shows 14 miles to Westgate. If you remove that middle destination the route changes and the distance becomes 9.9 miles.

The airport is about 22 miles away from Westgate: Airport to Westgate map

Originally Posted by Sarge18 View Post
Finally (for now), food: I live on pizza and would love to hit Pizzeria Bianco. Where is that place in relation to the arena. I guess I'll have more specific questions when I decide where to stay. Also, where would be a great place to grab a good steak without breaking the bank?
Map to Pizzeria Bianco
The place is awesome but be prepared for a serious wait, very likely in the 2-3 hour range, easily that if it's on a weekend.

As for steak, I really like The Keg, it's a chain (Canada and southwest US) but it's really good. Price is in the $20-$30 range and you will have to travel a bit to get to one (about the same distance as PB).

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