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11-18-2009, 12:10 PM
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As much as I believe we have a better team than our record shows, I'd be willing to see bob solidify our top 6.

that , imho , starts by locking plekanec for a few seasons. That's the best of him we have seen... he is slowly shaping into a solid 1rst line center. Although I believe he will naturally be more effective used as a 2nd line center behind a good 1rst line center (like gomez), his contribution is invaluable to this team, and losing him at the end of the season would be a disaster ... I am confident he is not asking for the moon ... and will accept a decent contract that will be cap friendly considering his performances.

We need size. White is doing so well when used as a top 6 ... not because he is/will be a star player, but because size paired with our other top 6 forwards (gomez, gionta, cammalleri, plekanec) is the right fit.

Eventually, we lost confidence in Ribeiro,grabovski, streit, sergei? ... and maybe in 2 year's time we will trade latendresse because he is not performing... at that point, it will be the right thing to do. But it will also be the right thing to do for the team getting him , as they will offer him a new start, and that's often what players need in order to wake up.

What annoys me is not losing Ribeiro... he had apparent attitude problems ... what I don't understand is why we are never the ones to bet on players with great potential stuggling with their respective teams. We could turn disasters into fairy tales as well... but we don't. We sit here waiting for Nathan Horton to pot 45 before knocking at the panther's door. We wait for Ryan Clowe to become a legit 30g scorer before knocking at the sharks door. Rene bourque, blake wheeler ... the list goes on.

We watch bouillon and kostopoulos go when they had the least value ever. then get the same upside out of a player that just won the cup and is overhyped ; Gill. Bouillon and Kostopoulos for 1.5m or Hall Gill for 2.5? Asking the question is answering it.

when I looked at how the hurricanes played in the playoffs last year it struck me. Samsonov, Jokinen, cole and kostopoulos ... players we wouldn't dare to trade pacioretty for ...right? But they were given a second chance ... in some cases, their last chance, and it paid off ... not only did they sign those guys cheaply ... they performed. They were in a position where they owed to the hurricanes organization ... and it showed. When staal and Ward will comeback, they will have a playoff team, no doubt about it, no mather where they are now in the standings.

When I look at our situation , I can't believe we are not trying to get guys like Clowe, Bourque, Horton, backes ... ect ............................ they are at reach NOW for a reasonable price ... but won't be in the near futur. Seriously, what are we waiting for?

Glen metropolit was waived. that was a great pick. 1/1 . why can't we try another one just for the heck of it.

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