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09-21-2003, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by strummerman
Chris Pronger has played many seasons injury free. John Leclair had many seasons injury free. An aging veteran gets injured sooner or later. Lindros is like a punch drunk boxer- Adam Deadmarsh Im not sure has been injured many times. Jason Allison played several seasons injury free.

Bure had a lot to do with acceleration- I remember that turn he tried to make at top speed and his knee blew out-
I'd blame the injury of many top players on their skills. They are often so good at deceiving the opposition that the other players automatic reaction is one bordering self-defense. Eg. the other guy totally turned you around and your reflex is to try to get in front of him but you only have time to get your knee in front of his... YOu know what I mean.