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09-21-2003, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
When you look at the teams that have won the cup and most (if not all) of the teams that made it to the finals the last ten year or so they've all had a #1 d-man (Leetch, Stevens, Hatcher, Blake, Foote, Zhitnik etc....) the Leafs don't. That type of player is needed just as much as a good goalie is to make a serious run at the cup. If they aren't going to make a serious run for it they should instead trade off their players like Mogilny and Belfour who, right now, have a high trade value and build up their offensive group of prospects to match their defensive group.
Carolina - Sean Hill?
Anaheim - Keith Carney?

Zhitnik is not a #1 defenceman. He's not *quite* in the caliber of the other defencemen you mentioned (Blake, Foote, Hatcher, Stevens, Leetch at the time). You think he'd be the difference-maker?

As I've done before, I've shown who's available.

If the Islanders decided to trade Hamrlik, do you REALLY believe that the best they could do would be Darcy Tucker? And if what you need is quality defencemen, why wouldn't they keep their impressive Top 4 and make a run with them? Following your logic, after all.

Remember what Blake cost? Deadmarsh and Aaron Miller - and that was with no assurance he'd re-sign in Colorado at season's end. Should the Leafs have offered Hatcher $8 million to play in Toronto? No.

Propose an offer that makes sense for an elite defenceman, sluggo, if you want people to take you semi-seriously. Go get me Adam Foote. Antropov/Colaiacovo enough of a package? Then if we don't win the Cup and we don't have any youth for the next ten years?

If defencemen weren't at a huge premium, do you think Kasparitis, DeVries et al would have received the huge paycheques they received over the past 2 off-seasons.