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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
Elimination is impossible, unless there is no hitting, no falling, and no ice.

I actually wonder what causes the most concussions. The hit to the head, or the head hitting the ice. I have a feeling that the head slamming into the ice might actually cause more concussions.

As long as there is hitting involved in hockey there will be hits to the head. Increasing the padding in the helmets would help, but there really isn't a way.

And more rules would be just ridiculous.
There would be more penalties called on clean hits if they caused a big enough crunch. Just look at the NFL. How many BS calls for roughing the passer, or illegal hits are called, which in fact are not illegal, or not actually headshots. Bad calls change the outcomes of the games.

The way that should be done, is not through penalties, but stricter suspensions. But if a player is deemed to have a hit to somebodies head, would be an automatic 10 game suspension for first time offender, 41 games for second time. 82 games for third. out of league for 4th.

I think players wouldn't jump, when they hit, nor raise elbows as much either than.

But this could lead to another problem (which is already a problem). Players heights. We have players as small as 5'8", and as large as 6'9". That's a huge frikkin disparity. If Chara wants to hit say a Dawes, almost all his hits on a player that small will be around Dawes' head. It's not Chara's fault, but it is a problem that he is a foot taller. If players were all between say 5'8" and 6'1" there probably would be less hits to the head as well b/c they are all around the same height. Therefore hitting with a shoulder wouldn't automatically hit somebody in the head, but rather in the shoulder/chest area.

All in all, its a very touchy issue, and I don't think there is a right answer at all.
to the first part....i'd argue that its the unexpected hit to the head that causes it....either in that the actual hit causes the concussion or the player is in a daze after the blind head shot and is unable to soften the blow from the ice....either way it is a direct result of the head shot

to the second part, i could not disagree more. Hits to the head are completely avoidable, regardless of player size...there's more ways to hit than using your shoulder or elbow as cruise missile locked on your opponents helmet

Also, as for your comment on rules, the important part about implementing new rules is the integrity of the refs and the calls they make. I personally feel that penalty calling in the NFL (and NHL to a lesser extend) is horrid. If a new rule about head shots was to be added than this issue would have to be addressed. As would the issue of diving which is already out of control

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