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09-21-2003, 06:55 PM
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Wow, poor Rags

The only line that consistently stayed together was Zholtok-Bouchard-Foy. Other lines were switching centers every other shift, the wingers stayed together for the most part: Wanvig-Vellieux, Daigle-Brandner, Laaksonen-Park. The rotating centers were Wallin, Hendrickson, and Chouinard (he mostly played with Park and Antti, but saw some time on other lines as well). On the PP Zyuzin, Zholtok, and Kuba were rotating on the point; Zholtok, Bouchard, Hendrickson, Wallin, Daigle, Brandner, Foy, and Wanvig were taking shifts up front. PP was scary today, the puck control was just insane!

I can sign my name under some of the earlier statements, such as:

Originally Posted by Jocksta18
Daigle- Good on the powerplay and could've given a chance in year one or two but he reminds me of Krivokrasov or someone who is noticeable one shift, and then you wonder where he went. Hes good with room, like on the powerplay or on a 2-1 but hes scared to get hit and can't get the puck out of our zone. He just gives the guys stick a tap and waits until the D can get it to start a breakout. Id rather see a young guy get the opportunity.
He wasn't just good on PP, he was REALLY good. Other than that, the second coming of Krivo. Looked out of place even strenght most of the time. Not our type of player.

Originally Posted by ceber
Brandner looked like a natural on his breakaway, as if we shouldn't expect less from him. "Oh? The puck to me? Well then, I will score." Daigle made his second goal happen, but it was still a very nice play. I thought Brandner started a little shakey, but seemed to really find a groove as the game went on.
Agreed, he made it look so easy! He seemed to be lost at times, his skating is so-so, he looks a little awkward out there, but he really has a killer instinct. He is a finisher, no doubt. Had 3 chances, two of them ended up in the net. Good player.

Originally Posted by ceber
Park had just a tremendously beautiful move behind the net that lead to a goal... bounced the puck off the back of the net and left whoever that Rangers d-man was standing there with his jock in his hands. I was giggling.
That move was a piece of art! I was giggling too

Originally Posted by ceber
Antti was solid, Darby looked like Darby. Personally, I thought Brown looked pretty good. He seemed faster than last year by a fair bit, and more involved with the play. Kuba played very well, I'd say.

Foy was great, he really had it going. Gotta give it to him!

I was a little dissapointed in Wallin, personally I think he has the talent to do better. I liked Wanvig and Vellieux, they had a nice jump, a lot of energy. Michalek- didn't notice him all that much, he had a pretty quiet game. Chouinard=Darby.

Should be an interesting home opener in a couple of weeks, I'm sure the Rangers won't forget what happened tonight.

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