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11-19-2009, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyMotto View Post
If I were to grade the defenseman itd go as follows:

Redden- B - been the most consistent and steady defenseman, he will never live up to his contract but contract aside, hes playing just fine

Del Zotto - A - hes been a pleasant surprise, hes got poise and great vision and has contributed more than we could ask for in points and on the PP, hes only going to get stronger and mature as time goes on but so far so good

Gilroy - B - he can really skate and has been steady defensively although he hasnt produced as much offense as id thought. he tries but comes up short but still playing pretty sound defense for the most part

Staal - C - hes been pushed to play offensively and join the rush which has proven to be a disaster and has cost us games at key times. he needs to work on his offense but not at the expense of his shutdown game. we really need him to be playing his strong defensive game. too many people are viewing him with a "what have you done for me lately" lens. i think theyre all off their rocker. hes one of the best up and coming shutdown defensemen in the league, stick to that.

Girardi - C - he hasnt been consistent at all, blows coverage at key times, very slow but decent shot. probably our biggest defensive asset to trade since hes not getting a $5 million paycheck. has upside but this years been pretty poor for him.

Rozsival - D - he just ****ing sucks. period. and on top of that hes taking up $5 million of our cap.

the day Rozsival is off the Rangers, i am seriously going to throw a party
Because of this, Staal has been one of our worst defense men in terms of actually playing defense. He doesn't have the offensive instinct that Gilroy or Del Zotto have. He may NEVER be that. And that is fine. He is one of the best shut down defense men in the Eastern Conference though. I strongly believe that. Utilizing Staal the way he is now makes his time on the ice less effective, he cannot contribute offensively nor on the PP and it makes him a defensive liability every time he is on the ice. He has had a poor season. It's as much his fault as it is Torts. He clearly is not ready for this offensive game. Don't pressure him. He is a defensive defense man. We already have two offense minded defense men (Gilroy and Del Zotto). We don't need three or four.

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