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11-19-2009, 06:17 PM
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I use 4 2 piece setups and have never used a one piece since many of those are two piece sticks anyway I never gave it much thought.

As for the real one piece sticks I cannot comment as I've never used any.

I can however tell you that two piece sticks are very durable and if you do break a blade it is cheaper to buy a new blade for a shaft than buying a whole new stick.

Some guys may prefer a brand spank me new stick anyway so it it comes down to preference.

I am one who likes to alternate blade patterns once in a while so having the ability to change blades whenever you want to keeps me happy.

As for one of your main concerns with a two piece being more structurally sound than a one piece I cannot say, all I can say is that I shoot very hard and play defensively and use a lot of stick whacking stick checks and blocking shots and have broken just one blade this year. I play at least twice a week I should add.

I am more than happy with how long they last, I am sticking with a 2 piece system for sure.

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