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11-19-2009, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
bs.... every hit has the intent to injure. and not every hit to the head is intentional. Just b/c a player is the victim doesn't mean he should automatically exonorated, if in fact it was his fault that he got hit in the head by turning or moving the last second. Accidents do happen, and if it was an accident there should be no punishment.
Um, no. I've never once tried to injure someone when throwing a hit. Knock the wind out of them? Make them sore the next day? Make him think twice about skating through the crease? Absolutely. But injure? Absolutely not. If you're running around throwing hits trying to injure people, then you have no respect for the game or for the opposition. Trying to hurt the opposition is not and should never be a part of the game. I'm really, really hoping that was just a poorly worded statement dude.

And how is "it was an accident" an excuse for hurting someone? If I'm doubling the speed limit in the rain at 4AM and lose control of my car and kill someone, you think a judge and jury will give one **** that it was an accident? The same goes for hockey. If you're Launching yourself like a missile across the ice to deck someone, and you happen to catch him in the face and concuss him, I'm sorry, but you're responsible for that. There are definitely instances where players are accidentally hurt on otherwise clean hits, I don't disagree--but there are also a ton of injuries that result from one player throwing an out of control check, whether the actual impact was accidental or not. You have to control yourself when you're on the ice, and if you can't and you hurt someone, you need to be punished.

By your logic, high sticking shouldn't be a penalty at all, since it's accidental...right? Of course not. Because you're responsible for controlling your stick when you're on the ice. You're not any less responsible for controlling your body when attempting a hit. I'd argue you're MORE responsible...

One of the reasons head shots have become a problem in the game nowadays is because the modern hockey player seems to play with less respect for the opponent now than at any other time. I've heard this from players personally and read it many times over. If you don't have any respect for your fellow player, you're much less likely to play under control, and much more likely to put yourself in situations where you're "accidentally" hurting people.


It's just pain.

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