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11-19-2009, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by collapsethelung View Post
Hey everybody, so my buddies have been pushing me to get gear and come out to their open pick-up games for a year or two now and finally i've got all the gear I need to play. Tonight's the first game and I was just wondering if anybody had any tips for a noob.

I've played countless times outdoors during the winter in pick-up games, but never in full gear. I'd like to think that I've gotten a lot better since I first started, but it's tough to gauge when you only play during the winter when there's outdoor rinks. I'm 23 years old, 5'9", 165-70 pounds, the last time I played I was closer to 190 or so. So my question is, is there anything I should know, or any tips that you guys could give me before playing for the first time in full gear? Oh, and it's non-contact, and it seems like the skill level varies from night to night.

any help is much appreesh.
I play a lot of outdoor hockey, I mainly play indoor hockey though. I may just be qualified to give you an answer about this

Okay playing outdoors obviously you do not have a regulation size ice rink unless your fave outdoor rink is regulation sized. if it is you probably have no painted lines in the ice.

This will be an adjustment as you will have to pay attention to offsides calls.

The ice quality indoors is way above outdoor ice so you will enjoy that for sure as you won't have any stress cracks or chips of ice popping up when making tight turns.

Your edges on yoru blades will last literally 10 times longer than it does outdoors as well.

Equipment ... OUTDOORS I wear a tshirt, loose longsleeve over that, a sweatshirt over that and if cold enough to be around zero (Fahrenheit) i would wear a hockey jersey over that. I wear some outdoor windbreaker pants or my CCM hockey coach windproof and waterproof skate cut leg bottomed pants.

I wear NO protective equipment outdoors except for gloves and my farrell 5 pad compression shorts in case of a wipeout which hurts on your tailbone or hip pointers.

So when playing a lot outdoors and then playing indoors getting used to equipment sucks when you have not played indoors for a while after playing outdoors a lot.

It takes a while to get used to playing hockey with equipment on, it does. You may adjust quickly but more often than not you now have more bulk on your legs, more weight, and some restrictive movement which is a necessary evil playing indoors and having protection. newer equipment is pretty light but still adds weight.

Even small things like taking a slapshot while wearing a cup take getting used to when compared to outdoors so you may have to try out different cup protection things until you find one that fits you properly without hurting your junk with a slapshot followthrough. Wristshots shouldn't bother you with that.

You may experience things like elbow pad straps causing friction burns on your arms and may want to get a compression shirt with longsleeves if you do not have one to prevent that and also to keep you cool.

Outdoors you are layering to stay warm with clothing and indoors you are trying to stay cool as you get hot pretty quickly.

For the most part you should be fine in this transition so don't sweat it too much but absolutely DO expect some things to be more difficult to do indoors after being used to outdoor hockey.

One tremendous relief about playing indoors is that you do not have to be wary of skating backwards and hitting a hole and killing yourself lol. You can trust the ice indoors 99% more than you can outdoors.

Have fun .... no doubt after a half hour playing you will be used to the change for the most part.

I know guys who do not play outdoors because they feel naked without equipment on and feel uncomfortable enough to skip it entirely.

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