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11-19-2009, 06:34 PM
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Well I have about 12 sticks, one is a OPS (SE6, 85 flex Gaborik curve), the other is a shaft/pro stock blade Dolo so technically a OPS to Warrior's standards (100 flex shaft, Malkin pro stock blade), and 2 woodies (Montreal 8825 Graphlight, Euro and SWD 5030 Coffee).

With the 8 others, I mix and match, a lot. I have a C21 tapered in a 102 flex Vapor XV, Ovechkin V10 in a 100 flex SE16, Saprykin pro stock in a 70 flex Synergy II, X60 Backstrom in a 70 flex Synergy II, Tapered Easton Sakic woodie in a 87 flex One95 (Modded with Ovechkin pro style toe curve), standard C21 in a flipped 85 flex U+, standard Easton woodie (Modded to Ovechkin pro style toe curve) in a flipped 85 flex U+, C21 Crossfire in a flipped 77 flex One 70 (Roller hockey stick)

I also have about 7 extra blades: Montreal PC modded to an unrealistically deeper curve, Vapor XVI P88 with a Hossa pro style toe, Easton ABS Forsberg, Koho ABS C21, Easton Thornton modded to open it up (Looks like a Lidstrom retail blade profile, but retail Drury curve), Easton ST Lidstrom, Warrior pro stock Patty O'Sullivan.

I lean vary far towards the 2 pieces. I've had more shafts that I've broken, blades I've broken/given away etc. But I can mix and match to whatever I want. This is mostly due to a quest of what I want in a stick. If I like the p92 70 flex I'll pick up another one and retire the Saprykin so I have my shooter sticks done. I'm going to pickup more tapered mid hooks and put them in a mid 80's high 70's flex shafts and the higher 100 flexes will probably keep the Ovechkin retails in them (I just need another).

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