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12-12-2004, 10:45 PM
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3 things come to mind for me:

A few years back when I was 17 or so, I scored the GWG on a sweet deflection in the semi-finals with about 10 mins to go, and we held on to win it.. An amazing tournament, considering we had no aspirations of winning and we made it to the finals! (Lost the final of course, but we were happy.)

When I was around 15-16, we were a crap team playing against this team who would routinely beat us 10-1 etc. in the National Champs (it's a small country, nearly every team makes the national champs ), and we scored the 1st goal on a sweet, sweet 2 on 2 move. I was the guy without the puck, and I burst towards the net around 'my' defender. The guy with the puck put a beautiful flip pass inbetween the two dmen, that landed on my stick about 3 foot from the edge of the goalie crease. The goalie, expecting a deflection, went down, but instead of deflecting it on goal I deked across the front of the net onto my backhand and slid it into the near-empty net. We were ecstatic, and we held on to the lead 'till the final period.. We ended up losing the game 10-2, thanks to some crap defense and goaltending by all involved, but we had our glory for a while at least.

The third one was just recently, in the last game I played.. It was a must win game against our rivals to make the playoffs. With about 10 minutes to go in the game, I pokechecked their best player (a young phenom who's the youngest player in our league), and started rushing the other way all on my lonesome. It was a 1 on 2, I went towards the D on the left, started to deke around him (I'm right handed, dekeing on my backhand to the outside). When his feet started moving that way, I put it through him and 'danced' through the middle of the two dmen to pick it up on the other side. I had no time to think because by now I was right on top of the goalie, who had made a half-assed decision to come out to play the puck before I got there, but decided against it at the last minute. I faked the shot, deked backhand, put it in the net and almost impaled my self on the post (I hadn't given any thought to slowing down). I was pretty ****ing pumped all the same. That goal tied the game, which was great until the aforementioned young phenom undressed our whole side (including me, the captain, last line of defense and I got beaten worst of all) and scored with about 4 mins to go in the game. His goal was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in our league, he held onto the puck for well over 30 seconds, despite all our defensive pressure on him, only to suddenly decide he wanted to score now and turned around and beat the pants off of us. No playoff appearance from us.

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