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11-20-2009, 05:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Great article, I posted it in the general sports forum, but it definitely applies here.

Head injuries are no joke, the games are changing, so should the rules/practices.
You know, before reading this article I would have said, suck it up, hits are apart of the game, and they take the risk of injury. Not like this though, not long term psychological and neurological damage. After reading that, it's pretty frightening even from a fan perspective. I'm all for a physical game, but not if it risks ruining these peoples lives in the long run.

I agree, maybe the sport does need to become less physical or change the rules for those who are physical with intent to do anything other than play the puck. Of course it would generate a HUGE grey area, of what is simply playing the puck, and what is physical beyond that. You already have that grey area with the current rules, but this would indeed broaden it.

While this trend probably isn't nearly as common (obviously Hockey players are not getting slammed in the head every time they make a play) in Hockey, I'd still say the risk is there. Although the evidence in the article is incomplete, the consistencies in the samples they have are too damning to argue that after reaching their data limit the results would not be enough to convict Football as an incredibly dangerous, and inane sport to participate in. While I certainly don't think Hockey is quite in that category, I would hate for it to go there.

Sports are all well and good, but not when there is a blood thirst associated with it.

P.S. Great read, thanks for the link.

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