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09-21-2003, 06:32 PM
Jon Burke
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Originally Posted by abalog
Zetterberg is better than Datsyuk and IMO better than Comrie.
Respectfully disagree. Let's compare their first full seasons:

Mike Comrie, Center, Edmonton Oilers
GP: 82
G: 33
A: 27
P: 60
+/-: +16
Minutes Per Game: 17.3
Points Per Game: 0.73

Henrik Zetterberg, LW/C, Detroit Red Wings
GP: 79
G: 22
A: 22
P: 44
+/-: +6
Minutes Per Game: 16.1
Points Per Game: 0.56

Not only did Comrie score more goals, assists, points and averaged more points a game than Zetterberg did in his first season, but he also averaged more than a minute more of ice time per game. Add to the fact that he had a better plus minus on a weaker team and I think I could quite safely say that Comrie is the better player.

But that's not to say that Zetterberg won't be a great player someday too, but I think I'd rather have Comrie than Zetterberg.

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