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11-20-2009, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Opus View Post
At the risk of you all laughing at me...

I was going to take my picture, and set my camera on auto-timer. Anyways, long story short -- I set the camera up, click the button and make my way to the adimen (sp?). Anyways, due to my wonky leg and limp, I;m rushing...

Yeah, well. In the rush I was in -- I went ass over tea kettle. Of course, just in time for when the camera captured my blunder...

I smacked my head on the hardwood floor, have a huge goose-egg, have thrown up three times and am both nauseous and dizzy. Having been concussed before, I can guarantee I;m concussed.

I feel like ****.


I am laughing out loud at work, bothering my co-workers. Best picture ever.

Thanks for the lulz there Opy.

Hope you feel better.

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