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12-13-2004, 10:37 AM
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Is this so hard?

I am really getting tired of all this. "HARD CAP!!!!!!!" "GREEDY PLAYERS!!!!" I think this could all be solved if the owners and managers just follow a basic principle that anybody can learn by ready any of multiple economics texts. If you cant afford it, DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!! New York Rangers anyone?? Here is how much we have to spend; here are the players we can afford. If a team is losing money, it is their own fault. Does it work to lump up a team with huge contract players? Where was Colorado this year? Who in their right mind would send themselves deeper into debt by signing Peter Forsberg (who is injured most of the time, doesn’t consider the NHL his career, and would rather become a clothes model for Swedish Men) to an 11 million dollar deal? Just use some common sense. The Sergei Fedorov deal is a classic example. Carmonos offers this HUGE contract, knowing Detroit will match it, just to bloat the team salary of long time Minor League rival Mike Ilitch. Another example is Detroit. Why on earth did they sign Brett Hull to that kind of contract????? The owners got themselves into this. Bettman is pushing for a hard cap to protect the owners from themselves.

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