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Brazilian league ( I won´t post all the DOB of the players, too much work)

1- Robinho - Santos - Fw
the next super star from Brazil is almost as talented as Ronaldinho, but is more objecitve is always going for the net.

2- Carlito Tevez - Boca Juniors (but he is coming to Corinthians) - Fw
Great player, let´s see what happens once he get out of Carlos Bianchi´s system

3- Dagoberto - Atletico Paranaense - Fw 22/03/1983
Nilmar part 2, same characteristcs. Ricardo Gomes (olympic team coach) didn´t use the 2 together because they have the same game. Was the best player of the Brazilian league this year until he got hurt.

4a- Jo - Corinthians - Striker
4b- Diego Tardeli - São Paulo - Striker 10/05/85
both are very complete, young (18 and 19 ), over 5´11 tall and very skilled and quick players, I think Diego Tardelli has a better potential, but his attitude (always parting, very irresponsible) can make some damage to his career, while Jo is a pretty quite and focused boy (his father guides him a lot) so that´s why Jo is 3a

6 - Chiquinho - Internacional - left winger
he is playing in the same team Nilmar used to. a better version of Serginho (A.C. Milan).

7- Marcelo Matos - São Caetano - def midfielder 10/02/84
Great player, pretty strong I like to compare him to Gilberto Silva (Arsenal) but I think he will be a better player. Right now he is the 3rd best player of this list.

8- JUSSIÊ - 19/09/1983 - Cruzeiro - fwd

very complete foward/ atacking midfielder, reminds me of Julio Batista with less power but a little more technical.

9- Rosinei - Corinthians - defensive midfilder

Good pass and vision a smaller Edu (Arsenal)

10- Renan - São Paulo - def midfielder 29/03/1985
reminds a lot of capitain Dunga.

11- Ibson - Flamengo - atacking midfielder
a very fast a talented midfielder, a great soccer sense, playing for Flamengo hurts him.

12 - André Bahia - Flamengo - defender
Very good defenseman, I like to compare him to Juan but André is stronger, playing for Flamengo also hurts him.

13 - Jadson 05/10/1983 - Atletico Paranaense- Atacking mid fielder
very skilled but small player I don´t know if he could suceed in europe but is playing very well here.

14 - Fernandinho 04/05/19 - Atletico Paranaense - right winger
there was a lot of hype while he was still playing juniors as a atacking midfielder, once he turned pro he couldn´t live for the expectations. Then Levi Culpi moved him to wing and now he is playing really well, reminds me of Sorin (argentinian international) with les defensive skills.

15- Marcelinho 09/01/87 - Grêmio- fwd
He is incredibile talented, very strong for his age, best player to come from Gremio system since Ronaldinho, this was the worst year in Gremio´s history they finished last and were demoted to division 2. those things hurts Marcelo stock but I´m pretty sure that you will hear about this one

16 - Fred 3/10/1983 - Cruzeiro - Striker
a good striker, possesses a great shoot Reminds me Ricardo Oliveira (Valencia)

17 - Wagner 29/01/1985 - Cruzeiro - Atacking mid fielder
Very calm with the ball great soccer sense, seens to never make a spetacular play nor a mistake reminds me of Ricardinho (world champion for Brazil in 2002).

18 - Diego Souza - midfielder - Palmeiras 22/03/84
Very good 2 way player, left midfielder. well ballanced. can attack and defend, good on free kicks

19 - Alceu - defensive midfielder - Palmeiras - 07/05/84
Really strong, reminds me of Mauro Silva (La Coruña) has a very pwerful shot.

20- Betão - defender - Corinthians -
very steady d-man

if I change my mind I´ll edit so don´t be confused next time you see this post there is something different, and feel free to ask anything about those prospects.

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