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12-13-2004, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by trahans99
Get your ugly face off this board if all you wanna do is make fun of the Knights for hosting the tourney. Would you be all over Kitchener or Barrie if they won the rights to host the mem cup.
Well, those two teams have actually won the OHL Championship in during their time in the league, unlike London. Without having ever earned their right to play for the Memorial Cup by winning the OHL, the Knights bought their way in with a fancy new tax payer funded arena. Try to remember that next time you embarass yourself.

The Knights EARNED the right to host the tourney by being #1 in the CHL last year with the majority of there players coming back this year.
#1 last year???? Wait a minute, was I dreaming when I watched the Kelowna Rockets hoist the Memorial Cup over their heads? See kiddo, the team that wins the CHL Championship, is the #1 team the the CHL. Not the team that got bounced in the 3rd round by a team who went winless at the dance.

Getting your history and facts straight might help prevent you looking like a moron.

They had the best all around bid (team, city and arena) and just to prove idiots like you wrong they are trying to earn there way to the cup
So you are saying with this team in the old barn, they would still be hosting the event?

Do you believe that if the new arena was built but the team was half as good, then they wouldn't have a chance to host?

Admit it, without the JLC, the Mem Cup would be somewhere else this year. You bought it. Just admit it and try not to further reduce the respect other teams have for you.

..... oh and I think going 25-0-1 is a pretty good start don't you?
Didn't you guys brag about how well last years regular season went? Yep, how about we wait and see the Knights get past the 2nd round before getting too worked up over the part of the year that means jack all in the grand scheme of things.

Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic
:lol :lol you're pathetic........truly!
Oh the irony!!! A Knights fan calling someone else pathetic.

When we win the OHL championship, then we earned the right to be in it,
Too bad you couldn't do that atleast ONCE in your 40 year history. Instead, without ONE single OHL Championship, you are already going to the Memorial Cup. Yep, that seems fair for all the other teams who have a long history of success, just not a $50 million arena.

and this city has paid it's hockey dues, we deserve this tournament, go suck a lemon.
Being a loser for 40 years is not paying your dues.

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