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09-21-2003, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Khelvan
FYI, from the perspective of someone from the other side, so to speak...

Hudler, Kronvall, and Jason? Williams looked very impressive. Hudler looks like he is going to score more than a few in the NHL, Kronvall looked like he was hitting everything on the ice, and Williams seemed to create something whenever he got a shift.

Some notes - the Detroit announcers were saying that Hudler has corrected everyone on the pronunciation of his name, it should be HOOD-ler, not HUD-ler. Also, Kronvall's name was spelled with a V on his jersey, and they noted that the proper spelling was with a V not a W, even though the correct pronunciation is "Wall" not "Vall." They noted that a mistake was made in the past officially listing it as "Kronwall," most likely due to the pronunciation of his name.

How about that Hlavac-Nedved-Kovalev line? We're excited about them...

Nice line.
What's the second line? Hlavac should really benefit.

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