Thread: Salary Cap: Can the Habs keep everybody??
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11-21-2009, 08:29 PM
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Here's some harsh realities
Hockey is a business
Players are assets
There's a salary cap
and like it or not there are unwritten rules

No player signed this past off-season will go anywhere, any time between now and the end of this coming summer.
If you think we struggled to sign Free Agents in the past - Move Hall Gill at christmas and watch things unfold.
(If Hall Gill is used properly he is a valuable asset)
If they've signed multi-year deals get ready to accept their presence till near the end of their contracts.

Whether by a little or a lot the cap will likely go down next year.
Remember the NHLPA invoked a clause in the CBA to boost the cap by a marginal amount

Price is a young RFA, no way he gets "millions" his time will come for that. IMHO 3-3.25 million likely to be his ceiling

Plekanecs is a "wild card" no telling whats in his head, but it is very apparent that he's playing for a contract. My fear is: does the little girl return next year?

Laraque should be put to pasture in any way Gainey sees fit.
Latendresse picks it up or he's bottom line fodder
Lapierre (see his buddy above)
Metropolit should be resigned, depending on salary demands
Mara I wish he stays but with youngsters in the system waiting to take spots - unlikely
Hamrlik just might have the greatest value at the deadline a la Rivet, but with a year left even thats a crap shoot
MAB thanks for the insurance policy buh-bye
For the most part its our young guys that have let us down not the new ones - irregardless of salary

Just one man's opinion

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